Toronto’s Vantage Analytics Wants People to Understand Data

Vantage Analytics wants to help business managers compete on analytics without actually being professional data geeks. It seems like a big task, but cofounders Aran Hamilton and Brandon Kane said the Toronto-based startup can process, prioritize and make actionable and insightful decisions about data, at the pace that customers want.

According to Hamilton, “You will be more successful by being an expert in your business, not in data science.”

“We think that there’s a number of companies that have found it easy to collect that data, but they don’t have the tools right now to sift through it and actually leverage it to their advantage,” Hamilton told BetaKit. “So we offer a collection of powerful predictive analytics and data mining modules to allow them to visualize the data, collaborate and use it with their team and see patterns to really act upon it.”

Vantage Analytics has opened up access to their advanced data-mining and predictive analytics tools. Currently, they are  supporting Shopify merchants first, but they plan to add access for more e-commerce platforms in the near future.


1) Toronto’s Vantage Analytics Wants People to Understand Data Without Actually Being Analysts BY JOSEPH CZIKK  SEPTEMBER 16, 2013

2) Vantage Analytics

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