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LaBarge Weinstein is a business law firm that helps clients from startup through exit. We work with technology startups, family-owned businesses, late stage private corporations, public companies, banks, lending groups, angel investors, and Venture Capital firms.


What’s the Deal with LaBarge Weinstein?

Starting your own business is exciting and terrifying at the same time. At LaBarge Weinstein, we are here to make the process as stress-free as possible. We’ve worked with thousands of new businesses over the past 20 years. From incorporation to intellectual property protection to shareholder agreements, we’ve got the expertise to get you started on the right track. For qualifying startups, we may:

  • Defer some or all of our fees until you can pay*;
  • When your company starts generating revenue and can start to make payments, let us know what you’re comfortable paying and we’ll start billing you; and
  • When you sell your business or close a major financing, you catch up the accrued fees.

For more details about how our fee deferral arrangements works, please contact one of our lawyers.

* Recovery for our out of pocket disbursements will apply (e.g.repayment of the filing fee to incorporate that we pay to the government on your behalf); such expenses will need to be paid within 30 days of our invoice. The fees for some non-standard services may not be deferred. Payment arrangements will be established with your lawyer.

Private Company

Frustrated by Inflexible Service and Cost Overruns?

At LaBarge Weinstein, we have a tremendous track record helping companies of varying sizes with all of their legal requirements. We can assist with setting up your organization, conducting a corporate reorganization, ongoing corporate governance, and day-to-day legal needs. We also help with structuring and monitoring the debt and equity investments that are often the key drivers of growth.

We emulate the businesses that we serve each and every day and take pride in delivering business-minded, flexible, and prompt legal advice and solutions.

Public Company

Need Help with Disclosure Requirements and Securities Compliance?

At LaBarge Weinstein, we act for companies trading on the TSX, TSX-V, NYSE, and Nasdaq exchanges. From reverse takeovers to Initial Public Offering to disclosure requirements, and ongoing securities compliance, we deliver cost-effective, practical, and reliable advice that aligns with your strategic vision.

A Fixed Legal Fee Alternative for Issuers

At LaBarge Weinstein, we help our clients navigate through the continuing complexity of securities regulation on a daily basis. As a firm, we recognize that small-and-medium-sized public companies require cost-effective, proactive, and value-added legal services designed to enhance securities compliance for reporting issuers.

Many public companies cannot afford in-house counsel or the high and uncertain costs of traditional service providers, yet you are required to comply with the growing complexity of securities regulation.

A fixed fee approach is used by a broad range of our public companies as either their de facto general counsel for securities law or in support of in-house counsel. It includes:

  • Corporate governance – including guidelines, policies, charters, officer position descriptions, codes of conduct and mandates, and director independence policy;
  • Continuous disclosure documentation and processes – including stock option guidelines, insider trading and continuous disclosure practices, management proxy circular, annual information form compliance, statement of executive compensation and code of ethics;
  • A tickler (reminder/bring forward) system for timely filing, SEDAR and SEDI filing for continuous and timely disclosure, insider trading, material change reports and confidential material change reports;
  • Regular and practical updates of new securities matters applicable to issuers; and
  • Day-to-day legal advice to ensure compliance with securities legislation and policies

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