Epoch Software recently raised US $3.6M in seed funding.

Epoch Software recently raised US3.6M in seed funding led by Rally Ventures. Tom Peterson, Venture Partner at Rally Ventures, will join Epoch Board of directors. Epoch plans to build its team and support its growing customer base using the funding. Epoch intends to provide companies with the best employee experience.


Epoch is a leading platform for employee experience. By automating and assessing all virtual and in-person team events, the firm serves as an important catalyst in fostering company culture. With Epoch, people and employee experience teams can engage and empower their employees through a variety of employee-centric programs and gain data-driven insights and feedback.


LaBarge Weinstein acted as counsel to Kyle Lavender, Jordan Potechin and  Shahd Al-Orfali.

Read more about the financing here.

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