TELUS recently acquired Ottawa-based IT firm Fully Managed

Ottawa-based IT company that expanded all over Canada by acquiring businesses in British Columbia, Alberta, and southern Ontario was acquired by TELUS for $137 million. Through this acquisition, Fully Managed can access a wide range of resources, including world-leading products, networks, technical expertise and leadership talent.

TELUS is a Vancouver-based telecommunications giant that provides internet access, voice, entertainment, healthcare, video, and IPTV television services. The acquisition will enable TELUS to expand their IT support, technology management, and proactive work management services.

Fully Managed is an Ottawa-based IT company that started in 2006. Using cloud-based software and remote network monitoring technology, the company can assist customers without the need for on-site support personnel. Their senior care division develops touch-screen devices that allow healthcare professionals to access patient records. Having previously been the buyer in a string of M&A transactions, Fully Managed now finds itself on the seller’s side.


LaBarge Weinstein acted as counsel to Fully Managed with a team that included Michael Dunleavy, Colin Wrynn, Heather Lovell, Michael Morgan, Estelle Duez, Veronique Poulin, Hamid Anwari, Lauren Sutherland.

Read the press release here.

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