Michael Dunleavy


Mike joined the firm in July 2000 after seven years of practice at two national law firms in Toronto. His clients include companies at all stages of development, from startups to established public companies. Mike has extensive experience in representing purchasers and vendors in mergers and acquisitions, issuers and underwriters in public offerings, and companies and their investors in private equity financings. A specialist in corporate law, corporate finance, and securities law, Mike also has an extensive background in technology contracting, including drafting and negotiating agreements for the licensing, development and distribution of technology and the outsourcing of technology services.

Mike works with numerous technology companies at all stages of development in such diverse industries as e-business, SaaS and enterprise software, semiconductors, medical and consumer devices, online gaming, materials technologies, Bitcoin, telematics, business analytics, managed IT services, and many others. Mike also works with angel and institutional investors in their early and later stage investment transactions.

with Michael

What food do you typically take to a potluck?


iPhone or Android?

Blackberry! Where’s your Canadian content?

Coffee or tea?

Half caf, half decaf, non-fat iced mochachino, no whipped cream

What’s your favourite season?

Winter (in Mexico)

Dream car?

Maserati Quattroporte GTS

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