Toronto: Startup hotspot — we’ll see you there!

Silicon Valley is technically the southern portion of the San Francisco Bay Area and includes all of California’s Santa Clara Valley, half of the San Francisco Peninsula and southern parts of the East Bay. But the region is more than geography: it’s become synonymous with the high tech world.

An industry that may once have been confined to the actual Valley borders and slopes now spans the globe.

“What’s exciting to us is the spirit and entrepreneurial mindset that made Silicon Valley such a magical place has gone viral and it’s gone global. From Austin to Boston, to Chicago and São Paulo; from Shanghai to Mumbai to Dubai, a Global Silicon Valley is emerging,” writes Michael Moe, co-founder and Chief Investment Officer of GSV Capital.

Moe and co-writers Rahul Singireddy, Ryan Demo and the Global Silicon Valley Team, have created the Global Silicon Valley Handbook – The Official Entrepreneur’s Guide to the Hottest Startup Scenes Around the Globe. What T.J. Miller, star of the HBO series Silicon Valley called “one of the most ridiculous but also informative things I’ve ever read in my life”, the handbook looks at the wild life that is the global startup culture in cities on every continent.

Canada has found its own spot on the list: Toronto comes in 12th, between Paris and Austin. We at LaBarge Weinstein have also found our spot on the list: in the notes on Toronto, LaBarge Weinstein is listed as a top lawyer.

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Get your copy of the handbook here.

The Top 50 Cities to Start a Startup were ranked on year-over-year funding growth, year-over-year deal growth, presence of Google and Facebook offices in the region, number of accelerators and other criteria.

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