What’s the Deal with LaBarge Weinstein?

Starting your own business is exciting and terrifying at the same time. At LaBarge Weinstein, we’re here to make the process as stress-free as possible. We’ve worked with thousands of new businesses over the past 20 years. From intellectual property considerations to shareholder agreements, we’ve got the expertise to get you started on the right track. For qualifying startups, we:

  • Defer some or all of our fees until you can pay*;
  • If you start making revenue and can start to make payments, let us know what you’re comfortable paying and we’ll start billing you; and
  • If you sell your business or close a major financing, you catch up the accrued fees.

For more details about how our fee deferral arrangements works, please contact one of our lawyers.

* Recovery for our out of pocket disbursements may apply (e.g.repayment of the filing fee to incorporate that we may pay on your behalf); such expenses will need to be covered by the startup within 30 days of our invoice. The fees for some non-standard services may not be deferred. Payment arrangements will be established with your lawyer.