Public companies should consider including Coronavirus related risk factors in public disclosure documents

As updates on the family of viruses now identified as COVID-19 continue to emerge, it is important to note the impact that this may have on your public company’s disclosure documents.

The potential impacts of COVID-19, or any similar risk area, on the operation of public companies, including their earnings, supply chains, customers etc. has led securities commissions to begin encouraging issuers to start thinking about including risk factors (such as COVID 19) into their public disclosure documents.

For what purpose you may ask?

As you may know, there are certain requirements laid out by securities regulators regarding when and how information regarding your company must be disclosed. These requirements aid in providing your investors with the accurate and up-to-date information they need to make appropriate and informed investment decisions. Including risk factors in these documents (which can cover a multitude of areas) is an additional layer of education to your potential investors on the risks of investing in your business.

Yet, how can you report accurate information on risks that are ongoing and ever changing?

Be mindful that although outcomes of these events may be uncertain, proper disclosure of risk factors may be meaningful to an investment decision and therefore, should be included in your disclosures accordingly.   Issuers should carefully consider how COVID 19 and similar types of outbreaks might impact their business now or in the future and ensure that their disclosed risk factors are revised and expanded to cover any such risks.

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