Google remains most influential brand in Canada: study

After evaluating the influence of more than 100 brands in Canada, a new report from the Institute of Communication Agencies and Ipsos have narrowed it down to the top 10. Topping this year’s list (again) is Google.

The Most Influential Brands study examines five key dimensions that define and determine the most influential brands in Canada by an influence index: leading edge, trustworthiness, presence, corporate citizenship and engagement.

The Top 10 brands includes digital service/social media, technology, retail and credit card brands.

Most Influential Brands in Canada 2015

1. Google (-)
2. Apple (+2)
3. Microsoft (-1)
4. Facebook (-1)
5. YouTube (-)
6. Visa (+1)
7. Walmart (-1)
8. Tim Hortons (-)
9. Amazon (+2) NEW in Top 10 2015
10. Samsung (-1)

“The one thing that many of these brands have in common is the frequency with which many are used, which results in them being so firmly entrenched in day to day life,” says a statement from Ipsos.

“Google retained its number one position for the fourth year. Apple took the number two rank, up two spots from last year, buoyed by the fact that it continues to be the most leading edge brand as expressed in terms of being perceived as innovative, trendsetting and that it has forever changed the consumer landscape. The new addition to this year’s Top 10 is Amazon, up from number 11.”

The research did find a generational gap among what’s perceived as an influential brand. Millennials (born during 1982-1996) scored tech and social brands highest, with the addition of Netflix, Pay Pal and Instagram to their top 10 ranking, and the exclusion of Walmart and Tim Hortons. Gen Xers (born during 1965-1981) ranked Walmart highest (#5) of all cohorts. Boomers (born during 1946-1964) ranked Microsoft more influential than Apple, and included CBC and Canadian Tire in their Top 10.

The full report is available online.  (Registration required)

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