Debbie Weinstein talks to Lexpert about managing data

In a recent article by Lexpert’s Sandra Rubin, LaBarge Weinstein co-founding partner Debbie Weinstein addressed the importance of data collection, storage and security practices for Canadian businesses of all sizes.

In the article, she notes that a proactive approach to data management is important, especially in the absence of industry standards:

Weinstein, an M&A lawyer, has advised start-up clients who later sold their companies to giants such as Cisco, Ericsson, Microsoft, RIM, PMC-Sierra and Alcatel-Lucent. She says waiting until you’re thinking of selling the company to start paying attention to data-management practices is “very foolhardy,” no matter what industry you’re operating in.

“You don’t learn this stuff in business school but as your company builds, it’s very important to be mindful of it. If you don’t have counsel advising you, talk to people at other companies, talk to associations in your industry – whatever you can do – to make sure you start educating yourself so you understand the things that can bite you.”

Read the full article online.

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