Celebrating Failure?

Courtesy of our summer legal intern crew, an interesting juxtaposition of three prominent Canadian newspapers’ focus on the startup experience in the Great White North. Interestingly, amid the global hype of “bubble next” with the rash of recent hot tech IPOs and some great Canadian-based deals in the mix, each of the Toronto Star, the Globe & Mail and the National Post (in slightly different ways) focus on themes of startup failure – choosing hand wringing over clapping, as it were.  Think we’re alone in our Valley-envy? Think again. As this recent post from Vivek Wadhwa shows, even our relatively rich Boston-based cousins regularly peep over the fence at their Western neighbours and wish they were invited to the party.  The moral for our media: coaching fast failure is alright, but celebrating success more often (especially fast success) wouldn’t hurt a bit.

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