Your Guide to What’s Fuelling New Brunswick Entrepreneurs

At its most simple, a start-up is a small business with big ambitions on an accelerated timeline. In order for a start-up to grow quickly and smoothly, massive inputs (including reliable capital that can run into the millions and reliable advice on everything from intellectual property to hiring) are required. In response, a new breed of organizations designed to foster start-ups (incubators) and fuel their growth (accelerators) is sprouting up across the world. While Silicon Valley is the ultimate example of a start-up fuelled city, Boston, New York, Toronto and Vancouver are increasingly becoming hubs of global entrepreneurship, particularly in the high-tech sector. In this de-centralization, some New Brunswickers have caught the scent of blood. After all, the province has excellent universities, a growing reputation for successful homegrown businesses and a competitive cost of living. In reaction, a slew of organizations are trying to launch tomorrow’s homegrown blockbuster businesses. From non-profits to private projects, here’s a primer…

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