What’s Your Social Media Campaign Worth?

So, you actively promote your products and services using social media but don’t actually know if your campaigns are generating revenue. Trust me…you’re not alone!

Luckily, Source Metrics is here to help you answer this question.  Founded in 2008 (originally under the name Swix) and backed by $1.6 million from Growthworks and Canada’s FedDev program, this Ottawa-based company started out building analytics and campaign management tools for social media marketers.

It didn’t take long for the team to identify a major gap in the social media marketing space. Upon making this observation, a decision was made to fold their previous products and concentrate solely on a fully integrated social media analysis application. And voila…Source Metrics!

Source Metrics provides social publishing, campaign management, and social media monitoring, as well as tools to measure the ROI of campaigns. While there are many tools for social media monitoring of online discussions about brands, there wasn’t a tool that provided good analysis of the results of a campaign, Scott Lake, cofounder and CEO of Source Metrics told Forbes.com.

With Source Metrics, companies can analyze the traffic to different landing pages, pinpoint which campaigns the clicks came from, and identify what social media sites the user was originally visiting.

Although this new product was officially launched just last week, the ambitious Source Metrics team is planning to release new features, including a landing page creator in the near future.

We’re happy to see another Ottawa success story. Keep up the good work guys!



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