What Does it Feel Like to Be the CEO of a Startup?

“What Does it Feel Like to Be the CEO of a Startup?” This is a question that would warrant a million different answers depending on who you asked and what kind of day the respondent was having.

Recently, our client Paul DeJoe, who is the CEO of the Vancouver-based company Ecquire, wrote an answer to this question on Quora. Paul’s thoughtful and eloquent reply was quickly “upvoted” by many Quora followers and even picked up by Forbes.com.

Some of my favourite passages from Paul’s piece:

  • You start to respect the Duck. Paddle like hell under the water and be smooth and calm on top where everyone can see you. You learn the hard way that if you lose your cool, you lose.
  • You feel like a parent to your customers in that they will never realize how much you love them, and it is they who validate you are not crazy. You want to hug every one of them. They mean the world to you.
  • You begin to realize that in life, the luckiest people in the world only get one shot at being a part of something great. Knowing this helps you make sense of your commitment.

However, the most endearing part of DeJoe’s answer was when he reached out to other entrepreneurs, providing his email address and telling them to contact him if he could help in anyway.

On behalf of the entire team at LaBarge Weinstein, I would like to congratulate Paul for having the courage to write this heartfelt message and on the success he has achieved with Ecquire thus far. We can’t wait for the reality TV show!


Ecquire is a contact entry plugin that captures data from various applications so that you don’t have to spend your day entering information into your CRM. With just the click of a mouse, Ecquire will do it for you. For more details see http://www.ecquire.com/




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