TSX Venture Exchange Announces Further Extension of Temporary Pricing Measures

The TSX Venture Exchange has announced a further extension of temporary private placement pricing measures that have been in place since last August.  Subject to certain limits, terms and conditions, the temporary relief from TSX Venture Exchange pricing rules include the following, which are typically forbidden by the Exchange’s policies:

  1. Allowing a share/unit offering with an offering price below $0.05.
  2. Allowing a debenture offering with a debenture conversion price below $0.10.
  3. Allowing offerings involving a warrant with an exercise price below $0.10.

The Exchange has extended these measures until August 31, 2013 and has fine-tuned some of the conditions and requirements.  If you would like to know more about these temporary relief measures please refer to the Exchange bulletin dated April 12, 2013 or contact Shane McLean (smclean@lwlaw.com) or any one of our other securities lawyers.

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