The Funding Portal Launches New Cleantech Platform

The Funding Portal provides a comprehensive view of all private financing and government funding sources that are available in Canada. Every month, more than 17,000 Canadian organizations visit The Funding Portal.

Earlier this week, The Funding Portal announced the launch of their new Cleantech portal. “The new Cleantech portal will create a common destination and systems for matching cleantech investment opportunities into sources of financing,” said Teri Kirk, CEO of The Funding Portal. “Our partnerships with investor groups including NACO, NAO, and industry, play an important role in building out the portal as an investment hub for Canada’s innovations sector.”

According to the press release issued, cleantech ranks third in terms of attracting private sector investment, according to the findings of The Funding Portal in 2013. It is one of Canada’s highest growth sectors, attracting 187% more venture capital investment in 2013 than the year prior.

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