Solido Design Automation acquired by Siemens subsidiary

Saskatoon-based Solido Design Automation has been acquired by Mentor, a Texas-based subsidiary of Siemans AG.

With a focus on machine learning, Solido makes computer-aided design software used by companies that make chips for electronic devices. The company’s products are currently used in production at over 40 major companies.

Siemens says the acquisition grow sits commitment to Mentor’s integrated circuit (IC) design and verification technology.

“Solido has become an invaluable partner helping our customers address the impact of variability to improve IC performance, power, area, and yield,” said a statement from Amit Gupta, founder, president and CEO of Solido Design Automation. “Combining our technology portfolio with Mentor’s outstanding IC capabilities and market reach will allow us to provide world-class solutions to the semiconductor industry on an even larger scale. We are also excited to contribute to Siemens’ broader digitalization strategy with our applied machine learning for engineering technology portfolio and expertise.”

A news release from Siemens highlights how variation-aware design and characterization has become fundamental in developing modern semiconductor products with the best possible power, performance, and cost. When analog, mixed-signal, memory, and standard cell circuits are designed for today’s complex applications, the verification software needs to deliver very high confidence in the simulation results while avoiding time- and resource-intensive analysis methods.

“Solido’s proprietary machine learning-based variation-aware design and characterization software is proven to deliver the required confidence while significantly reducing time and resources and delivering unrivaled data visualization,” said the statement issued by Siemens.

The deal is expected to close next month.

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LaBarge Weinstein acted as counsel to Solido with a team including Debbie Weinstein, Dan Scott, Sam Gregg-Wallace, Mike Morgan, Estelle Duez and Chris Dittrich.

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