Mundiavocat – World Cup for Lawyers

The 17th Mundiavocat took place in Budapest from May 23rd to June 1st, with nearly 2,000 lawyers from 75 countries coming together for 10 days of soccer, socializing, and sightseeing.

Two Canadian teams took place in this year’s event with the Vancouver-based team finishing 9th out of 32 teams in their division – the best a team from Canada has ever placed.

Each team was guaranteed 5 games and although the level of play was high, it wasn`t all about the soccer, said LW associate, Michael Sami, in an article on the Law Times website. “The soccer itself is fun but also the networking opportunity is great. And frankly, just being able to get away from work and visit cities to play games for two weeks is awesome.” Sami soccer #1

Sami has participated for the third time and is already thinking about 2016. “Absolutely, I’ll go again,” said Sami. “I’ve been to the last three and I’ll go until my body breaks.”

Source: Canadian team scores at world cup for lawyers by Yamri Taddese – July 14th, 2014 

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