Marijuana Inc.: Debbie Weinstein featured in new Canadian Lawyer article

The business landscape in Canada is about to change, and it’s all because of a plant. A new article called “Marijuana Inc.” by Canadian Lawyer’s Yamri Taddese explores how the potentially legal recreational marijuana industry will impact a host of industries, from banking to advertising, from retail to supply chain, and, of course, to law.

Canada's marijuana industry by the numbers. (Graphic: Canadian Lawyer)

Canada’s marijuana industry by the numbers. (Graphic: Canadian Lawyer)

LaBarge Weinstein’s Debbie Weinstein is featured in the article. With her significant experience working in Canada’s legal medical marijuana industry, Weinstein pays particular attention to how the legal industry is being reshaped by cannabis sector.

An excerpt:

“It really is a new frontier,” says Debbie Weinstein of LaBarge Weinstein LLP, who acted for Tweed Marijuana Inc. during its merger with Bedrocan Cannabis Corp last year. That merger was the first one in Canada’s budding medical marijuana industry, and it solidified a sizable market share for two of the biggest players in the game. Now that legalization is coming, Weinstein expects consolidations in the cannabis industry to surge up in the years to come, offering plenty of work for corporate commercial lawyers like her.

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