Limits for Tax-Free Savings Accounts Increase by $500

Earlier this week, the Harper Government announced that Canadians will be able to save an additional $500 in their Tax-Free Saving Accounts (TFSA) starting in 2013.  This will increase the annual contribution limit to $5,500.

So why are Tax-Free Saving Accounts so great? For starters, they are exactly as their name states…tax free!

A TFSA allows individuals to invest in a number of investments types (high-interest savings account, mutual funds, guaranteed investment certificates, listed securities, or other types of qualified investment products) and any interest, dividends, or capital gains earned are not subject to tax.

Another great feature about TSFA’s, is that any unused contribution dollars can be carried forward to be used in future years.

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Learn more here about Tax-Free Saving Accounts.

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