LaBarge Weinstein bids farewell to long-term employee, Diana Lavigne

When Diana Lavigne first started working at LaBarge Weinstein in 1999, gasoline was 56¢ a litre, the Ottawa Senators suffered a 4-0 series loss in the NHL Eastern Conference quarterfinals and Mary Tyler Moore had just visited parliament hill to advocate for diabetes research.

Diana LavigneFlash forward 21 years, and the world has gone digital, children have no idea what an iPod is, and we are sadly saying farewell to our long-term friend and colleague.

Although a lot has changed at LaBarge Weinstein over her 21 years, we have grown from a small group of dedicated lawyers into a family and Diana has been with us through it all.

In celebration of her retirement, we decided to catch up with Diana and ask her for some of her favourite memories throughout her time with LW.

Follow along to see what she had to say.

Q: What was the greatest skill you acquired while working at LW?

A: Having joined LW with no idea what business law was, I learned a great deal over my 20+ years. Everyone made it enjoyable to work there and were great in teaching me the job.

Q: How did you see the firm expand over your 20+ years with LaBarge Weinstein?

A: We expanded shortly after I started in 1999, and the firm moved from Preston Street to Kanata.  That move was one of the many things I saw LW do as the firm constantly grew to keep up with the needs of their clients.

Q: Any business trends that surprised you over time?

A: The willingness and availability of the lawyers to meet the needs of the clients at any time of the day was the most surprising. I have never worked at a firm where the lawyers are open to help their clients at any hour.

20 Years of Service Award presented to Diana in 2019

With business deals, I have seen lawyers at work one day to find out when I went to work the next morning, they closed a deal in the early hours of that day.

Q: What do you consider to be your greatest career success?

A: Making the work environment a happy place to be.

Q: Do you have any words of wisdom you’d like to share?

A: If you enjoy business law, you can’t find a better place to work than LW. I will miss everyone.

It goes without saying that our firm and all those who have had the opportunity to work with Diana over the years will miss having her around.

Diana, your generosity, spontaneity and cheer will never be forgotten.

Please join us in wishing her all the best in her retirement.

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