Five Reasons Why You Need to Eat at Gezellig

If you haven’t heard, acclaimed restaurateur, Stephen Beckta, has opened a third restaurant in Ottawa. Gezellig, which roughly translates to a nice atmosphere that is cozy and quaint, is located in the heart of Westboro.

“It is a word that speaks of conviviality, of gathering with loved ones in an atmosphere that is enjoyable and relaxing,” explains Mr. Beckta. “It evokes very much the spirit we hope to have created here.” [1]

Unlike Play or Beckta, Gezellig is not a destination restaurant; it’s a neighbourhood-style restaurant geared at attracting local clientele on a regular basis.

Although there are tons of reasons why you should go check out Gezellig, here are a few of the top ones.

1) It’s one of Stephen Beckta’s restaurants (if you’re been to Beckta or Play, you completely understand what I mean.)

2) The one-page menu changes on a weekly basis, so there is always something new and delicious to try.

3) Executive Chef Michael Moffat is a strong believer in sourcing sustainable food directly from the producer, so whenever possible, he tries to integrate local items into the menu.

4) The atmosphere is fun and trendy, yet comfortable.

5) The restaurant has an onsite bakery that makes a variety of delicious artisan breads.

[1] Roy, Paula, “Going Behind Beckta’s Latest Restaurant.” November 6, 2012 <>

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