Are You an Ottawa Business Looking for Capital?

As an entrepreneur, raising capital is one of the biggest challenges you will face. Generally, banks aren’t interested in financing startups and borrowing from your friends and family is probably not the best business decision. So, what options are you left with?

The Capital Angel Network is a group of angel investors in the Ottawa-Gatineau area whose goal is to build the region’s entrepreneurial community. The network offers a variety of benefits to both investors and entrepreneurs.

As an investor, you want to minimize your risk, while maximizing your return on investment. According to the Capital Angel Network, studies have shown that angels can significantly improve their returns if they work as part of a group. The same studies have shown that a portfolio of 10 to 12 companies is required to minimize portfolio risk. As a sole investor, this would require exceptional effort and a great deal of money but as part of a network, this is entirely possible.

So how does it all work? Entrepreneurs can submit an application for consideration to the Capital Angel Network. The network hosts nine “members-only” meetings each year and at each session, two or three companies present their proposals (thinks Dragon’s Den).

According to our sources, the Capital Angel Network is currently looking for more deal flow. So if your business needs money, check out their website today!


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