A New Alternative to YouTube

Although we all love YouTube, it has one major drawback. Unless you create a playlist, once the video you’ve selected is done playing, you have to search for another one to watch.

New Toronto-based startup, TVphoon, has created an alternative solution, where users can select a channel and watch constantly updated videos from some of the most popular publishers on the web. According to an article in TechVibes, “TVphoon sorts through millions of YouTube videos, finding the good from the bad, to offer over 70 distinct channels. Users save time and money by watching for free and having more control over what they want to watch.”

But there’s more. In a press release on the TVphoon website, they explain how they simulate the actual TV watching experience:

“TVphoon’s patent-pending TV emulation technology simulates a real television experience by automatically progressing the playback of all channels simultaneously. For instance, imagine that you are watching a gaming channel but decide to switch to a food channel. After five minutes you switch back to the original gaming channel. The gaming channel will now be five minutes further ahead in its playback than where it was when you originally switched. Even still, you have the ability to browse backward (or forward) in any channel’s video queue to ensure that nothing was missed.”

Having launched less than six months ago, founder Kyle Hsiao is encouraged by the metric he is seeing. In February, the site had 1,600 viewers, which was nearly a 100% increase over the previous month. With 800 million unique visitors logging onto YouTube each month, hopefully TVphoon can get in on a piece of the action.

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