Register Today for TiECon Canada – October 20-21, 2014

On October 20 and 21, Canadian entrepreneurs will gain a global edge in a business world without boundaries. This edge isn’t simply the pursuit of global markets and customers beyond our borders. It’s a global mindset that takes the limits off entrepreneurs, and increases their competitiveness in every facet of business. It unleashes new possibilities to source the best technologies, talent, suppliers, networks and investment anywhere in the world. And, it opens doors to global knowledge, customers, and export opportunities that drive global revenues.

What is TiECon Canada?

TiECon Canada is TiE’s flagship conference for entrepreneurs, SMEs, industry veterans, investors, and other members of the Canadian business community. Organized in partnership with Canadian sister chapters in Toronto and Vancouver, and global TiE chapters in Silicon Valley and Boston, this event features industry leaders, technology gurus and investors from different sectors and all spheres of business. It will build directly on the success of the inaugural TiECon Canada conference,which assembled more than 250 participants, this sold out event featured more than 50 speakers, dozens of investors, and 25 partners.

Why Attend TiECon Canada 2014?

TiECon Canada 2014 aims to help entrepreneurs – and their private and public partners – to think and grow globally to succeed by providing:

  • Rare access to entrepreneurial leaders, angel investors, VCs and government funders, and opportunities to increase deal flow
  • The opportunity for start-ups to pitch for seed funding and business support
  • Inspiring speakers from our backyard and from around the world
  • Insights on emerging domestic and global innovations, business trends, and competitive intelligence
  • Mentorship and learning – without borders
  • Extensive networking with potential clients, investors, and partners from around the world

Think and Grow Globally to Succeed at TiECon Canada, TiE’s flagship entrepreneurial conference, on October 20-21, 2014 at the Ottawa Convention Centre:!


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