GhostBird Software Acquired by Yahoo

Yahoo has just quietly announced that they’ve acquired GhostBird Software, the creators of advanced iOS photography apps, KitCam and PhotoForge2.

Though details of the deal are still under wraps, Yahoo is explicitly saying that they acquired GhostBird for the sake of improving Flickr. Could this suggest that a more advanced Flickr app is on the way?

Prior to today’s acquisition, GhostBird had released three iOS photo apps: KitCam, PhotoForge, and PhotoForge 2. KitCam allowed for mobile photographers to shoot with a bunch of different “lenses” and “films” (read: filters), and to manually adjust settings like white balance and exposure. The PhotoForge series, meanwhile, focused on modifying photos after the fact, with image resizing, cropping, metadata editing, and the adjustment of advanced settings like curves and levels.

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