Communitech’s annual Tech Leadership Conference

I will be attending Communitech’s annual Tech Leadership Conference in the Waterloo region on Wednesday March 2, 2011. Communitech’s Iain Klugmann is unrivalled in his ability to attract amazing speakers to the region, and this year is no different with Crossing the Chasm author Geoffrey Moore and futurist Watts Wacker. James will be mingling with the over 20 startups that LaBarge acts for in the region, in between trying to figure out from Watts how one becomes a “futurist”. One additional thing for our Waterloo crowd to consider: we’ve heard through the grapevine that a fixed fee, efficient solution for dealing with angel financing offers from the GTAN angel group would be a welcome addition to the local market. Track James down and let him know your feedback, if you plan to attend the event.

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