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Kaili Scott

Corporate Law Clerk

Kaili joined LaBarge Weinstein as a Corporate Law Clerk in 2018. Her experience includes incorporations, amalgamations, continuances, amendments, dissolutions, extra-provincial registrations and general corporate maintenance.

After graduating with a paralegal diploma, Kaili worked as a freelance Paralegal for various independent lawyers before becoming a Law Clerk for a leading boutique law firm in Toronto. She successfully completed the Law Clerks of Ontario Corporate Law course and exam with Honours and has been a member of ILCO since 2016. Kaili is always striving to be current in her knowledge of Corporate Law. She often seeks out additional educational opportunities to benefit the large scope of our clients.

with Kaili

What food do you typically take to a potluck?


Coffee or Tea?

Potato Vodka

What celebrity would you most want to have dinner with?

Mr. Potato Head

What’s your favourite season?


Do you have any phobias?

Living Potatoless

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